YouTube’s New CEO Optimistic About Web3 Technology

Neal Mohan Considers Web3 Tech for Youtube’s Future

Susan Wojcicki announced her retirement as the CEO of Youtube. After this, Neal Mohan was given this position. Prior to becoming the CEO, he was the CPO of Youtube for the past 7+ years.

This is good news for customers inclined toward Web3 tech. Wojcicki had positive things to say about Mohan. She praised him for his hard work and zeal.

Mohan put a lot of effort into Youtube products, such as YouTube TV. Hence, she said that he will be an amazing CEO.  The ex-CEO applauded Mohan for his comprehension of Youtube related matters.

She said that Mohan is quite serious about the work and respects everyone at the company. He would be the ideal person to lead Youtube due to his sheer commitment and understanding of the work.

Everyone is aware of how famous Youtube has gotten. During the past year, only Google was ahead of Youtube in terms of popularity and usage.

According to research, on average every month it was observed that people used the platform around 74.8 billion times.

The current YouTube CEO is broad minded when it comes to thinking about the progress of technology and social media platforms.

Last year, he disclosed in a blog post that YouTube was looking at ways it could possibly integrate Web3 technology.

He commented about thinking of ways to incorporate Web3 tech into Youtube somehow, a year ago. This could either happen by the usage of NFTs and tokens or with the help of the metaverse.

He said that with the help of the latest tech like NFTs, users can foster a better and stronger connection with Youtube.

He said that even though there is much to think about when incorporating these techs successfully, it will definitely lead to a better future.

He further explained that this collaboration would explore different ways for users to keep up with the progress. Consumers would be able to use NFTs in various ways relevant to photos, videos, etc.

He added saying that technology will further enhance the usage of Youtube and he will look into it himself. This will be done through different kinds of games and by making Youtube a better place.

Blockchain tech is not exactly linked to the metaverse, but it is used for the setting up of possession of commodities, etc.

Google Enters Web3 With Cloud Service and Ethereum

This is the case with Google as well since it has been showing interest in Web3 tech lately. During the month of October, Google revealed to the public it’s Blockchain Node Engine.

This is a cloud service and is relevant to ETH users and schemes.

The Blockchain Node Engine is helpful for trustworthiness, functioning, and safety – things that users have been more concerned about lately.

Apparently, it is in charge of separate junctions which add to blockchain tech. They also announced growing this tech to Solana. This will be revealed to the public in a couple of months.

Last year in September, Google also had discussions with ETH since it shifted to using lower energy to justify the change.

This has been a much-anticipated procedure and is known as the ‘merge’. Google made a doodle that depicted how long it will take for this to be revealed.

The doodle also shows other statistics, such as in relevance to ETH’s alteration regarding their energy usage. Several workers of YouTube have been fascinated by Web3, like their ex-Gaming Head – Ryan Wyatt.

Wyatt resigned from YouTube after working for 7 years in the position of CEO at Polygon Studios in February last year.

He is now the president of the revamped company – Polygon Labs. Wyatt said that he thinks Youtube and Polygon are similar to an extent.

The latter firm is determined to provide users with quicker proceedings and decreased charges, with the help of blockchain tech.

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