Wonderland CFO Faces Backlash from Investors

Wonderland is a DeFi project. Its native token is called TIME, which is a stablecoin pegged to an assortment of cryptocurrencies like MIM coin. Wonderland is a reserve currency platform that allows investors to access a wide array of assets. The traders of Wonderland identify as frogs. There are DeFi pools called Abracadabra running on the network.

Wonderland is hosted by Avalanche network. The co-founder of the project is well-known developer Daniele Sestagalli. Zach is an online cyber security investigator who recently posted his conversation with Sestagalli. The most shocking part of the conversation was when the developer revealed the true identity of the CFO of the Wonderland project.

Wonderland co-creator, Sestagalli, remained vague about the real identity of the CFO, who goes by the pseudonym of OxSifu on Twitter. According to the speculators, OxSifu is a former convict and longtime cybercriminal named Patryn.

Sestagalli also clarified that due to the outrage by the Wonderland community members on the matter, the enterprise suspended the worker. He further claimed that there is a community voting event taking place that will allow the community members to make their final decision on the matter. He also confessed that he has been aware of the real identity of Patryn for quite some time and thinks of him as a friend.

At one point, Sentgalli claimed that he believes in second chances and did not want to let the past of Patryn hinder his recent contributions to the Wonderland project. However, Patryn, who has changed his name twice under the British Colombian government, has a long history in the cybercrime profession. Patryn is associated with a now deactivated cryptocurrency project called QuadriaFX.

The exchange platform was established in 2013 and went bankrupt in 2019, draining $169 million in funds. He was charged with credit card conspiracy and bank card fraud in 2005. He is also purported to run a website called shadowcrew.com, responsible for pawning $1.5 million in credit card scams. He also served 18 months behind bars for charges of larceny, peddling, burglary in 2007, and was deported to Canada.

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