UNICEF To Auction NFTs On Its 75th Anniversary

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has revealed today, that it plans to auction a cluster of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain to mark its 75th year anniversary.

The auction which is set to hold in January next year, will be hosted by the international agency in an NFT exhibition themed Patchwork Kingdoms. Patchwork kingdoms that will hold on January 22 next year is Nadieh Brewer’s brainchild, he is a digital artist and data scientist that is well known in the NFT digital community.

According to UNICEF , the NFT cluster will contain as much as a thousand NFTs which it plans to sell. The profit from the auction will be used as capitals for it’s different ongoing projects and initiatives.

How It Will Happen

The projected launch and auction will be done in the Patchwork Kingdom exhibition. The collection which was conceived by UNICEF, was developed in concert with NFT marketspace Snowcrash Labs, the Ethereum Foundation, Metagood, and others. The collection comprises of up to 1000 NFTs, with each NFT being a uniquely inspired piece that was painted, using data collated by Giga from over 282,000 schools across 21 countries.

According to the international body, each unique artwork that’ll be presented by Nadieh Bremer and subsequently sold to collectors, will form a simple community that spans the whole world when lucky collectors return home. This will in turn further the initiative’s agenda of connecting schools to the internet.

The NFTs that will be auctioned use simplified geometric shapes to build cities and sets, with the final visuals showing each school as tiny squares, interlocked with other schools to firm kingdoms divided into web connected and disconnected regions.

UNICEF’s Plan For Revenue Generated

The international agency has said that the profits it generates from the launch next year will be channeled into supporting and funding it’s various projects and Initiatives, especially the Giga initiative.

This cannot be considered as profit oriented sales, because over the years, UNICEF has presented a strong front with regards to improving the quality of life of a human child worldwide. It has partnered with various local and international NGOs all over the world to work towards it’s stipulated global initiatives.

This auction will not be the agency’s first foray into the cryptocurrency world, it has been active in the community for some time now. It launched its proprietary cryptocurrency platform, CryptoFund, that allows the organization to receive, hold and redistribute it’s crypto earlier this year, in April..

It’s active presence and innovative developments in the crypto industry has garnered the community’s attention, attracting donations from community members. This has seen major charity organizations like, Huobi Charity Limited, a non-profit affiliated with crypto exchange, Huobi Global, donate $1 million in Bitcoin to UNICEF and an additional 7 BTC to CryptoFund.

What You Need To Know About Giga

Introduced in 2019, the Giga initiative is a worldwide project brainstormed by the UNICEF  and the UN’s International Telecommunication Union that aims to connect every school in the world to the internet and world wide web to enable availability of information, opportunity and choice to young persons.

This initiative helps to promote the agency’s aim and objectives of making the world a better place for children all over the world.

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