THORChain: Why RUNE Could Be Lucrative for Your Portfolio This Quarter

THORChain saw its native token, RUNE, concluding a retest of June lows. Moreover, the alternative coin printed new yearly lows. Its revival attempts could offer the best opportunities for the coming bullish rally, and here is why.

THORChain’s latest updates had the project confirming its vaults were all on-chain. Moreover, the post bragged about the failure to halt access – immutability. That emerged amidst surged worries about its censorship.

Meanwhile, many cryptocurrency platforms have encountered criticism for claims of being censorship and immutable resistance. Still, something occurs within the market in a while, and the networks serve in a way contrary to immutable-consistent.

If THORChain holds its claims, the blockchain will be ahead when migration to decentralized finance (DeFi) begins. THORChain and RUNE will witness impressive longer-term growth if censorship attracts the masses to DeFi. Meanwhile, the altcoin remains massive lower than its ATH, following 2022 downsides.

RUNE hit a new yearly low on October 13. While publishing this blog, RUNE changed hands near $1.53. That comes after the alt gained 12% following a rebound from the mentioned low of $1.368. RUNE’s recent rebound happened at the support level, where the token bounced during June sessions.

That indicated substantial chances that RUNE could attain a significant relief rally. Meanwhile, the previous rebound saw the alt gaining 70% within the initial week after bottoming and more than 100% to the current local high.

Will THORChain Repeat History

The token’s volume started the week with an impressive outlook. It recorded a substantial surge on October 17 after low volumes over the weekend. The observed volume surge confirmed bullish trials at the same timeframe.

Nevertheless, the volume remained lower than weekly peaks, which could mean traders maintain caution. RUNE’s market capitalization gained around $33.4 million over the past two days. Such liquidity hardly flows back into THORChain’s caliber unless with shifted investor expectations.

However, the market cap wasn’t a massive confirmation of the bulls’ resurgence. Crypto topped the above indications with a significant development activity increase. Development activity surge presents an impressive signal of lucrative growth. It could heighten investor sentiment, attracting more investment as the price battles its lows.

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