The ECB to Raise Caution Over Crypto Legislations

The European Central Bank has voiced its concerns over the necessity of a tough crypto law. The bank will now be issuing a warning to member states as a result.

ECB Points Out an Increasing Strain

The Financial Times published a report stating that the ECB will speak with countries. The bank will notify them about the dangers of national regulators not waiting for the ECB. It also mentioned that the bank will highlight the increasing difficulty of efficient oversight.

The European Central Bank expected to cite the urgent need for harmonizing their fronts. This is scheduled for a meeting of the supervisory board later in the week.

The European bank is showing primary concerns over the works of national regulators. They are all overlapping with efforts between the bank and crypto service firms. This comes barely 18 months before the implementation of the ECB policies.

Nevertheless, the ECB policy document is scheduled to be implemented next year. A regulator from a Eurozone country expressed the challenges in the entire ECB arrangement. They said while the implementation is 18 months ahead, should countries just sit and watch?

Countries are Moving to Regulate Crypto Nonetheless

According to reports, Germany has taken the lead in regulating the cryptocurrency industry. The country has equally implemented the 2020 anti-money laundering policy of the European Union. The regulations have been used on companies holding assets on behalf of their clients.

The European Central Bank has also shown concern over adjudicating licensing for crypto firms. As of now, there is no European plan in place to address that. The issue is expected to be addressed alongside the general need for harmonizing European procedures.

Whereas, other countries such as the Netherlands, are fixed on registrations. They are less focused on implementing anti-money laundering compliance. Some other countries are, however, considering broader measures on Russia’s Ukraine invasion. 

Russia’s central bank has recently said it is considering allowing crypto mining in the country. The only condition for miners is that they have to sell all their holdings out of Russia. Sources at the bank say this is to guide against crypto being used locally.

If that happens, Russia would have effectively evaded sanctions through crypto. It is the worse fear of Western countries.

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