SHIB On ETH Whales’ Top Holding List After 1.1 Billion SHIB Was Burned

Shibburn Incinerated 1.1 billion SHIB Into An Unspendable Wallet

The Shibburn project is responsible for tracking down Shiba Inu coins that are burnt hourly. It also ensures the burnt tokens are incinerated properly. The report showed that the project successfully removed about 1.1 billion Shiba Inu from the total supply circulating the crypto market.

A huge part of the burning was carried out during the weekend. Meanwhile, SHIB has now made it to the top ten list of coins held by the biggest whales in the crypto industry.

As per the tweet on Shibburn’s Twitter page, several projects supported Shiba Inu in successfully incinerating the massive amount of tokens burnt. All the projects involved collectively incinerated about 1.1 billion Shiba Inu Tokens. The burnt tokens were sent to a wallet address with no withdrawal option where they would stay permanently. 

Furthermore, the burnt SHIBs are reported to be worth about $12, 472 American dollars at the time of publication. The project used about 97 transactions and about seven whole days to completely burn 1,102,774,392 Shiba Inu tokens. Out of the massive 1.1 billion tokens burnt, about 485.4 million coins were incinerated during the last couple of days.

Biggest 100 Ethereum Whales Hold Massive Amount Of SHIBs

According to the statistics from a local news source, Shiba Inu was spotted amidst the top ten biggest wallets across multiple blockchain networks. Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC were part of the networks that showed SHIB on the top ten list of the most purchased memecoin by Ethereum Whales.

On the reported list, $SHIB is in the 4th position and it is closely followed by other tokens such as USDC and FTX. At the time of publication, about $513,963,578 worth of $SHIB is in the wallets of the biggest 100 whales on the Ethereum network. 

Shiba Inu Continues To Receive Massive Adoption

According to a crypto news source, Travala who initially started to support Shiba Inu last December has recently shown more favor on the network. 

The travel firm recently announced that $SHIB is now supported on its website. This means Shiba Inu holders can use their tokens to rent any Supercar like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc on the Travala platform.

Moreso, SHIB got listed on another travel firm, XcelTrip, last week. Holders can book tickets, hotels, and trips with their SHIBs on the travel agent’s platform.

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