Senator Ted Cruz Comes Forward to Defend Bitcoin

Senator Ted Cruz is the infamous Republican Party Senator. The politician was recently speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2022 organized in Florida. Cruz represents the state of Texas and is known for his strong political stance. Commenting on the Bitcoin network, he claimed that he is bullish on the top coin due to its decentralization.

He further praised the Bitcoin network for giving the people a chance to safeguard the interests of the masses against authoritarian governments. Mentioning the emergency act revocation in Canada recently, Cruz claimed that the state was violating the civil liberty of the people and intercepting personal property laws.

The government of Canada has decided to revoke the state of emergency declared in the region. By the decree of the emergency, the financial regulators in Canada issued a ‘cease’ order to the bank accounts and cryptocurrency operators. A self-custody crypto wallet service provider Nunchuck declined the order claiming that they don’t keep financial records of their users.

Cruz was the politician who read the letter from Nunchuck to the Canadian legislators and called this step spectacular. Addressing the attendees at CPAC 2022, he claimed that the country was founded on the principles of liberty, and the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin network compliments those values.

Ted Cruz also Opposed Bipartisan Bill by President Joe Biden

The bipartisan infrastructure bill that called for heavy tax law imposition on the cryptocurrency stakeholders is already written into the law by President Joe Biden. Cruz is among the Republican politicians who opposed the bill. The CPAC is arranged by American Conservative Union, and several other Republican leaders like Donald Trump are invited to address the event.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government also froze the donations at the GoFundMe platform for the Freedom Convoy. CPAC organizers are using the global Revere Payment forum to sell entrance tickets and funds collection. Revere’s founder claims that the platform was formed to assist the USA businesses that have been losing money due to their strict religious and conservative values.

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