Senate Candidate Representing Democratic Party Calls for Bitcoin-Friendly Regulations

Morgan Harper is a 38-years old senate candidate who is representing the Democratic Party for Ohio State. The new candidate has plans to fill up the seat of the former Republican candidate Rob Portman who has recently announced that he will not be running for a third term. Harper is gaining the attention of the voters with her pro-crypto slogans.

She was recently interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine. She told journalists that the centralized banking system is quite exclusive and does not favour the working class and proletariats. She has also promised her constituents to bring more financial empowerment with the help of DeFi markets.

Senate Candidate Harper recently told media that only a select few individuals are designed to stay at the winning end of the centralized banking system. She claimed that the DeFi takeover and a decentralized market takeover are long overdue. Harper is now pitied against democratic congressman Tim Ryan with ten years tenure in the state organization.

It is worth noting that the broader Democratic Party has been advocating against cryptocurrency regulations in the country. Democratic Party leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren have recently called cryptocurrencies bogus.

Harper was born to a teenage mother and spent the earliest years of her childhood at foster homes. She was eventually adopted by a public school teacher. She rose above the ranks and graduated from Stanford Law School, and served as a senior legislative advisor at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She admitted that she heard about Bitcoin during her service years at the CFPB.

She told the media that she joined a hearing tour to learn more about blockchain technology. Harper highlighted that people stand to benefit from the removal of hidden overdraft fees and shrinking interest rates on savings accounts. Harper revealed that she is against holding Bitcoin to avoid financial bias.

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