Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Warns Investors About Upcoming Fake Inflation Dangers

Robert Kiyosaki is an author, financial investor, and advocate for financial education. Speaking on the matter of rising inflation storm, the writer of the world-renowned book Rich Dad Poor Dad warned the investors. He recently posted updates about the highly anticipated inflation wave that is about to hit the US economy during the first quarter of the next year.

Kiyosaki claimed that he is considering investing in commodities like Gold, Silver, oil, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. He also added that the time has arrived that the investors can reap the benefits of their LTH positions. Commenting on the upcoming depression and price inflation, Kiyosaki claimed that everyone should start investing.

Kiyosaki has been an active advocate of making financial education more common among the masses. Speaking on the matter, he has claimed that the current schooling system around the world is rigged and does not prepare the students for facing the financial challenges of real life. Kiyosaki also opines that the monetary policies of the Biden administration are going to crash the economy and bring back depression.

He recently commented that the Federal Reserve and President Biden are pushing the FAKE inflation crisis on the US economy. He claimed that despite the increasing interest in top store-of-value commodities, the prices of Gold, Silver, real estate, oil, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are going to deplete as well. Kiyosaki claimed that current economic conditions are the perfect time for investors to get rich.

Speaking to the journalists at Bloomberg, White House economic advisor Brian Deese recently claimed that the energy price concessions generated in the current month are backward and therefore they are excluded from the massive inflation ratio readings of November. However, a survey conducted by Bloomberg reveals that the broader American citizens have started to lose confidence in the Biden administration.

The major reason for the recent inflation crisis is the reckless money printing conducted by the Federal Reserve under the guise of jump-starting the economy. On the other hand, the hawkish policy of the Fed for decreasing bond purchases has contributed to increasing the interest rates throughout the mortgage markets. The approval voting among businesses has reached an all-time low for the Biden administration.

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