New Survey Unveils 72% of Financial Advisors Want a Spot Crypto ETF

The futures ETFs for Bitcoin are not very popular among the cryptocurrency traders in the United States. However, the investors are still not pessimistic about the introduction of the new Bitcoin-related investment opportunities as time keeps moving forward. By ruling in favor of the spot crypto ETFs, the investors are contributing to making it a reality.

NASDAQ recently surveyed the top tier of financial managers and hedge fund consultants. The results of the poll suggest that around 72% of the voters see themselves working with spot cryptocurrency ETFs if it was launched today in the country. The survey was published in GlobeNews recently.

Spot Bitcoin ETF is Gaining Traction Among  Seasoned Investors and Managers

The 500 financial managers that participated in the survey conducted by NASDAQ collectively manage around $26 trillion for their clients. The group of seasoned and experienced investors dominantly waves in favor of the crypto spot ETFs. Around 86% of the participants plan to increase their crypto-related allocations for the upcoming weeks.

On the other hand, none talked about wanting to reduce their crypto stakes. Furthermore, 50% of the survey participants postulated that some part of their portfolio already included Bitcoin ETFs, and there are 12% showed a willingness to add the same in the upcoming year.

Jake Rapaport is the head of Digital Asset Index Research at NASDAQ; sharing a review of the survey recently he claimed that most financial managers are already working with one or the other type of crypto spot ETFs. He further explained that the smaller percentage of the investors who have not joined the trend already had shown the resolve to change that.

He also claimed that the increase of cryptocurrency as a commercial investment product has proliferated on account of the demand among the clients. As per Rapaport, the advisors have no choice but to cater to the demands of their clients. He also shared that the financial advisors are now spending their time brushing up on the educational and research material on cryptocurrencies to ensure that they can better understand the regulatory dynamics. Thus far, 10% of the participants claimed they were well aware of the subject, while 98% said that they wished to learn more.

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