Metaverse CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says Instagram will Host NFTs

Metaverse CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that NFTs are coming to the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The news was discussed publicly by several software engineers at Meta. According to media outlets and Twitter updates, the developers at Facebook and Instagram have started to run tests with NFTs.

It is worth noting that, at present, the official date of any NFT rollout has not been publicized to date. On the other hand, some unofficial news speculates that the NFT launch on both Facebook and Instagram platforms can become official before the end of the current week.

Integration of NFTs with Social Media Platforms

Zuckerberg recently posted a new update on Facebook revealing that the NFT feature will allow digital collectors to share their collectibles with the world. He further explained that Facebook and Instagram users would be able to use NFTs as their profile pictures. Furthermore, the company also plans to draw some technical support from Spark AR Studio.

Spark AR Studio is a developer tool program that allows Instagram users to create Augmented Reality filters. Zuckerberg further added that devs would introduce AR real-time animations for NFTs on Instagram as well. Therefore, the news about NFT adoption within the Metaverse is officiated, but the precise release date is yet to be publicized.

Some news sources postulate that Zuckerberg is planning to enable NFT custodial and minting abilities to Facebook as well. With this transition, around 3 billion users of Facebook around the globe will be able to benefit from the technology and become aware of concepts like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web3, etc.

Media reports have also suggested that Facebook and Instagram platforms will support NFT projects on Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, and Solana Network. On the other hand, Twitter recently announced the addition of paid subscription offer on the platform through the Blue Service option. After the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, there are investors like Cathie Wood from Ark Invest who suggest that the CEO will lean towards turning the network decentralized and issue a coin of Twitter.

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