Kraken Researchers Nominate Cardano as the Top Blockchain Project in Terms of Research-Based Optimization

The developers at the Kraken exchange recently published a report about the Cardano network. According to the regulated cryptocurrency platform, the Cardano network is the top blockchain project in regards to optimization with the help of scientific research. The report focused on comparing the technical aspects of the Cardano and Ethereum networks.

The comparison with the Ethereum network is not a new prospect for the Cardano network. Due to the similar utility and technical dynamics, the two blockchain projects are often pitted against each other. Furthermore, both networks deploy dApps and smart contracts capabilities. Cardano network is often referred to as the Ethereum-killer on social media as well.

Kraken published the report on its official Twitter platform recently for the benefit of investors. The report claims to provide a side-by-side comparison of both blockchain projects. Kraken researchers claim that the updates shared by Cardano developers are not disruptive or innovative. However, Cardano has based its compatibility on the promise of the technical audit, testnets, formal verifications, and factual research.

Cardano native digital wallet project Daedalus Flight has recently shared a new version dubbed as v4.8.0. It will add the RTS or runtime system for the digital wallet. Furthermore, users with less than 16 GB of computer capacity will also be able to run the application on their operating systems.

Investors who are looking for cheaper transaction fees and faster speed often switch to the Cardano network. Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin posted a survey on the Twitter platform listing the top contenders. Voters on social media selected the Cardano network as the most likely project to rival Ethereum by 2035.

Meanwhile, Charles Hoskinson recently highlighted the latest Cardano node upgrade v1.33.0 via Github developers. Another important DeFi project for the Cardano network is SundaeSwap, set to go live as a DEX last week.

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