KINGSHIP Prints BAYC On M&M Boxes:  Buyer Sold A Pudgy Penguin At 400 ETH

A prominent confectionery firm, Mars Wrigley, reportedly partnered with the KINGSHIP metaverse group to create rear M&M boxes with BAYC NFTs traits. Meanwhile, an OpenSea user bought a Pudgy Penguin NFT at 225ETH last year and reportedly sold it at 400ETH recently.

KINGSHIP And Mars Creates M&M Boxes With BAYC Imprints

In the KINGSHIP Group, there are three Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners and one Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT holder. According to reports, KINGSHIP and Mars Wrigley are planning on creating multiple rear and unique M&M boxes.

Furthermore, the two firms plan to print traits of KINGSHIP’s NFT characters on some selected M&M boxes. Reports showed that they have already created 4k boxes in two different rarity levels. 

They produced 3,900 brown boxes for the regular tier and 100 boxes designed with white and gold foils for the golden tier. According to the deal, the 100 gold tier M&M boxes would have images of the KINGSHIP Group’s NFTs avatar printed on them.

In addition, the partners are offering about 6k candy jars for sale on M&M’s webpage. The report showed that some inner circle members knew about the development before the group revealed it to the public. 

Hence, the 100 golden tier boxes might have sold out even before the public sales began. Jane Hwang, the VP at Mars, stated that the firm is glad to collaborate with the KINGSHIP NFT Group. She added that the partnership aims to expose its users to new and exciting adventures in the virtual space.

An OpenSea Seller Sold One Pudgy Penguin NFT At 400ETH

Meanwhile, on Monday, a particular NFT holder on OpenSea successfully sold a unit of Pudgy Penguin NFT at 400ETH. The seller, identified as CoinUnited, had initially bought the NFT at 225 ETH in September last year, according to the report.

Findings showed that there are 8888 units of NFTs in the Pudgy Penguin NFTs collection, one of the top collections in the market. Furthermore, about 0.01% of the NFTs shared all the traits that other NFTs in the group have; hence the set is scarce. 

The seller happened to sell one of such rare art pieces, tagged Pudgy Penguin #6873. Hence, that explains the high difference in selling and buying prices.

According to statistics, 225 ETHs were worth roughly $788K at the price rate in September 2021. Meanwhile, 400ETH is worth about $670K at the current market price. 

Consequently, even though he made a massive profit of 175 ETH, he seemingly incurred about $118K fiat loss. The collection reportedly generated about $7.5M in sales, hitting a 314% rise in sales volume within one month.

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