Intel Launches New Bitcoin Mining Chip

Anyone who owns and uses a computer is aware of the Intel Corporation. The processing unit juggernaut has recently proceeded to share more details about its latest innovation for the blockchain mining industry. The company has recently revealed to the public a new Bitcoin mining chip called Intel Blocksale ASIC.

According to the company memo, the new chips will start in the markets in the 3rd quarter. The chips clout about increasing the processing speed of the mining machines for Bitcoin and other PoW consensus model tokens. A detailed press release about the chip was published by Bitcoin Magazine recently. Bitmain chip, the closest Intel rival’s output, is set at 140 TH per second with 3010 watts input requirements.

Intel’s New Mining Chip is a Game-Changer

Jose Rios, GM at blockchain and business solution, recently told the media that the new product could very well be a new game-changer. He recently claimed that the chip would work to improve the scalability and sustainability factors related to mining and hash rate. He also clarified that Intel is planning to ship the miners with a chip rather than selling a complete mining machine.

The Intel employee also added that every ASIC chip could deliver up to 580 gigahashes per second at 26 joules per tetrahash power consumption. One chain of ASIC chips can accommodate up to 256 integrated circuits. The chips also have temperature and voltage sensors for better management. A standard 256 chain circuit may require 3,860 watts of energy input to generate 148 tera hashes per second power.

Mining Companies have Already Started to Place Orders to Acquire the Latest Mining Processors

Intel Corp’s latest product has thus far been well-received among the mining community. The big players like Hive, GRIID, Argo, and Block are some of the names that have already placed their orders at Intel. The company plans to ship the chips alongside hardware reference and software stack to enable self-service.

Intel first introduced the concept for the new chip at the ISSCC conference in January. The management introduced the chip as the ultimate low voltage and highly energy-efficient mining ASIC. The company offered another novelty product called the Blockscale ASIC that will hit the markets before the end of the current year.

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