Former U.S. President Donald Trump Launches His NFT Project

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, has recently launched his own NFT project.

His Non-fungible token (NFTs) collection includes various digital images of Donald Trump showing him in various characters such as an Astronaut, Superhero, Golfer, and Cowboy.

The project is named ‘Trump Cards’, which includes digital images of Trump’s iconic moments.

As of this writing, the project includes an overall of 45000 digital tokens. All these NFTs are minted on Polygon, a layer 2 crypto scaling solution platform.

Polygon also runs on Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency exchange for faster transactions and a lower gas fee.

According to the former President of the United States, these cards are similar to basketball cards. But the only difference is that these coins can only be collected through mobile or computer.

Those interested in buying such NFTs need only an email address and a credit card to make the online payment. Those willing to own these NFTs can directly purchase them NFTs from the project’s website.

The website on which these NFTs are listed has clearly stated that the amount that will be received from the sale of these tokens will not be used to fund Donald Trump’s upcoming election campaign.

The presidential elections in the U.S. are due on 24th November 2024. Donald Trump has already announced that he will contest the elections for the third time.

Most recently, Open Sea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace, has published data regarding this NFT project.

The numbers have shown that almost the entire project has already been sold out. Currently, the project has secured the sales total sales worth $670,000.

Donald Trump Has Recently Been Mocked by Others

Recently, before the announcement of his launch of the NFT project. Donald Trump tweeted that he would announce something special.

Some of the most popular republican leaders and social media users have mocked and made fun of his statement.

However, the most popular reply came from the current U.S. President, Joe Biden, who apparently had a jibe at his counterpart.

According to Joe Biden, he also had some major announcements that he wanted to share with the community. He also enlisted some of his urgent matters in his tweet.

Some users also mocked Donald Trump about his previous views on cryptocurrency. Just a couple of years ago, Donald Trump was not the one who used to like digital tokens very much.

Back in 2021, Trump also said that reason that he hates cryptos is that these tokens are dangerous. However, now it seems that he has changed his mind.

In 2021 cryptocurrency was nothing less than an explosion for Donald Trump. But now he has launched his first-ever NFT project.

It is also important that Mr. Trump has become the only mainstream politician who has launched his own crypto project featuring his personal photographs.

In Past Melania Trump Also Announced the Release of Her NFT Project

It is worth mentioning that Donald Trump is not the first member of the Trump family who announces the launch of his personal NFT project.

Back in 2021, his wife, Melania Trump, also announced that she would launch her NFT project branded “Melania’s Vision.”

Even though the community has mocked Donald Trump, experts have tipped this launch as one of the most significant ones for the growth of the NFTs marketplace.

Trump’s NFT project will give much need credibility to the NFT marketplace. Moreover, this can also lead to friendly regulations regarding NFT minting and NFT buying and selling.

NFT lovers, on the other hand, do believe that more initiatives of similar nature are important for the growth of the NFTs marketplace.

How meaningful the impact of this NFT project will be on the market can only be measured by time. But experts seem hopeful that betterment is on its way. It seems now is the right time to explore and invest in the NFT marketplace.

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