Fender and Meta Jointly Introduced Stratoverse: A Music Metaverse

Fender, a popular guitar firm, collaborated with Meta to introduce Fender Stratoverse, a music metaverse. Meta launched the metaverse at the Cannes Lions 2022 alongside another metaverse, MINIverse, launched with BMW Group.

The launched music metaverse was designed to offer musical adventure inside an island shaped like a Stratocaster guitar. On the island, users can have fun as they make melodies and explore other components of the digital land.

The partnership was a merger of creators from different firms like Meta Horizon Worlds, Creative Shop, and others.

Fender And Meta Introduced Musical Metaverse

While at the Horizon Worlds yesterday, Fender and Meta jointly revealed the Stratoverse music digital world to the public. The virtual island was reportedly shaped in the form of a Stratocaster guitar with clouds surrounding it. 

The digital island was nicknamed ”out-of-this-world AR/VR music experience.”

While commenting on the announcement, the CEO of Fender, Evan Jones, stated that the collaboration was an exciting one. He said the firm was over-excited when Meta invited them for a collaboration to take them to the digital world. 

He added that the latest invention is an avenue for the Fender team and customers all over the world to interact and have fun together, regardless of culture or distance.

Furthermore, to create music in the guitar-shaped Stratoverse, users would look for chords which are guitar picks with shining color. After locating one, users would pick and place the chords on the Riff Maker which would start playing a melody. 

Also, users can look for chords at the headstock or the Riff Maker of the digital island. Additionally, the Riff Maker has about 18 spots on which users can position their chords for melody. 

Users can easily alternate major and minor chords by simply moving the pick around. Interestingly, the Stratoverse contains Easter eggs informed by unique golden picks and air guitar areas. The eggs are incentives for lucky users.

However, not everyone can access Stratoverse. It is only available to Canadians, Europeans and Americans. Also, users must possess Meta Quest 2 headsets to explore the digital music island.

Fender Ventures Into Non-Fungible Token and Metaverse

Previously in May, Fender ventured into the virtual world by filling 5 brands related to the virtual world and NFT.

In addition, Fender reportedly followed the footsteps of his fellow guitar maker, Gibson, who adopted NFT brands in April.

The latest report showed that Spotify is ready to release the Spotify Island digital world in collaboration with Roblox.

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