Facebook To Launch First Wave Of NFTs On Ethereum And Polygon

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has reportedly collaborated with prominent American NFT creators to issue NFT collections on its platform. Meta aimed at blowing the collection on a larger scale whereby users can link their NFT wallets to their FB accounts. 

Facebook Is Building A Home For NFT and Web3 Enthusiasts

According to reports, the collections would start with NFTs issued by Ethereum and Polygon networks. After successfully launching it on the two networks, Meta reportedly planned to use Solana and Flow platforms too.

In a tweet, Meta’s product manager, Navdeep Singh, hinted that some new features would be added to FB. He continued the features would include a Digital Collectibles tab which would lead to users’ NFTs collections. 

Singh added that users can attach their Facebook profiles and crypto wallets together. Furthermore, they can post their NFTs on FB feeds where viewers can like, comment, and react to them.

Meta’s media specialist, Martin Bryant, tweeted that the firm aimed at creating a platform that would serve as a home to Web3 enthusiasts. He added that FB groups have been modified lately to reflect some Web3 features similar to Discord’s groups.

Instagram Is Set To Explore The NFT Industry

In June, Mark Zuckerberg made an official announcement that Instagram would venture into NFTs soon. The CEO of Meta stated that would be able to store and mint NFTs on Instagram very soon.

Furthermore, Mark revealed that all hands are on deck to ensure all technical support for minting is ready and set. Once they receive the go-ahead from their technical team, minting would begin in earnest. 

The Instagram CEO hinted that the same NFT offering would be on the FB platform simultaneously. These two giant platforms would have NFT augmented reality integrated into their story sections.

According to a report, when an NFT is posted on Instagram stories, both the collector and the creator’s name would be displayed alongside. The report also said that posting NFTs would be free of charge. 

Also, users are free to use their NFTs pictures as their augmented stickers. Additionally, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, hinted at the source of inspiration for Instagram. 

He said the number of creators and the size of their ecosystem kept on increasing on Instagram. Therefore, the team behind the giant social media decided to create a home for them on their platform

He concluded that they considered it fascinating to create a colony for creators where they can own, mint, and store unique digital assets.

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