Dogecoin Developers Unveil Roadmap for the Meme Cryptocurrency

Billy Markus, the original developer of the meme cryptocurrency, has recently shared a detailed roadmap for the Dogecoin project. He recently shared the news on his Twitter account named Shibatoshi Nakamoto. Markus added that the roadmap is a real document that shares the roadmap for the development of the meme coin project.

Markus also added that this is the first time that anything organized has been added by the developers to improve the altcoin. It is worth noting that it has been 8 years since the coin was first introduced to the public as a satirical impersonation of Bitcoin. Until this stage, no one took the token seriously. However, now the developers are planning to make some changes.

The focus of the Dogecoin developers is to add some more utility to the meme coin and make some other changes. With the new roadmap, the first order of business is to change the format of the Dogecoin website. Developers also explained in the roadmap documentation that the token would remain decentralized and community-driven predominantly.

Markus claimed that the Dogecoin users would be able to spend their Dogecoin on everyday retail articles like edible goods. At one point in the roadmap, the Doge developers drew a comparison to the Denarius currency used in Roman Empire. In Rome, the ancient currency was accepted all across the nation.

Billy Markus recently added that the Dogecoin Foundation emphasized utility because it will allow more traffic toward the token. On the other hand, the roadmap for the meme coin also shared plans for 8 new Dogecoin projects. Two of the highly potent projects are Gigawallet and Libdogecoin.

Gigawallet is a developer’s project that will provide the option for online merchants and e-commerce websites to add Dogecoin payment options with an API patch. Furthermore, Libdogecoin is a complete documentation of the Dogecoin protocol to allow new developers to attach compatible projects with the blockchain.

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