Digital Asset Bank SEBA has Raised $119 Million for Global Expansion

Guido Buehler is the CEO of SEBA, a digital asset banking enterprise operating out of Switzerland. Recently, he corresponded with media outlets to share the details about the latest Series C funding round. As noted by Buehler, the SEBA was able to raise $119 million, an equivalent of 110 million CHF (Swiss Francs). The funding round closed officially on Wednesday this week.

He added that the response from the market investors was enthusiastic. Buehler explained that the bank plans to invest the funds in creating priority markets around the world, inclusive of remote locations like the Middle East. He also pointed out the biggest contributors to the funds, namely Summer Capital, DeFi Technologies, Altive, and Ordway Selections, among others.

SEBA is a FINMA certified and registered bank. FINMA is the central Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. SEBA bank CEO also highlighted financial giants like Alameda research and FTX showing interest and participating in the funding event. The bank started operating in 2018 and since then has been able to raise around $248.9 million or 230 million CHF thus far.

However, Buehler maintains that official figures for public disclosure are not available. He also explained that the bank is planning to expand its operations in diversified markets and meet the demands of its clientele. He pointed out that the product offering and technology developed by SEBA will be able to gain more traction among investors globally.

SEBA CEO recently claimed that one of the biggest driving forces behind new investment interest in the digital asset market is the negative yield generation from traditional investment vehicles. He claimed that several macro trends are developing in global financial markets to complement the growth of the crypto industry.

He further explained the evolution of the regulatory framework has allowed more institutions to join the crypto investment ventures in recent years. SEBA launched a yield generator last year directed toward commercial investors to stake and generate returns.

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