DigiDaigaku’s NFTs Sell For $700 Despite Confusing Advertisement

Super Bowl NFT Ad Disappoints, but Some Succeed

Now the Super Bowl does not entirely focus on cryptocurrency related advertisements. Although, an advertisement did pop up on TV screens in relevance to an NFT-powered game of sorts.

Apparently, this advertisement showed a QR code for people to scan, which resulted in receiving a cost-free collectible.

For several people, it did not work in their favor, though for some it did. The latter (lucky) viewers are selling their free collectibles for quite a high price.

Limit Break, a gaming company, paid millions of dollars for the advertisement shown on TV regarding the free of charge NFT. The NFT was relevance to their game – DigiDaigaku.

This advertisement incorporated a QR code for the viewers to scan, which led to people receiving a cost-free NFT for DigiDaigaku. For several unlucky people scanning did not quite work in their favor.

These people were directed to the account of Gabriel Leydon on the Twitter application. He is one of the founders of Limit Break.

The viewers were directed after a short while to the CEO’s account, which is why they were not able to witness the site. Several Twitter users shared their views on this occurrence.

Many users complained about his behavior and referred to it as Leydon desperately seeking for engagement on his Twitter posts.

A few of the people said that he had shared the link prior to the advertisement being shown. In addition to it, many Twitter users told that for the QR code to work they required an ETH wallet.

Only through this people could attain the free of cost NFT. This means that it could not be used by crypto novices and random people watching the ad.

People like the Youtube user, Popeye, reckon that if the ETH wallet bit was not included it would have been convenient for everyone.

The YouTuber said that Leydon paid several dollars for an advertisement to which he had already posted the link on Twitter.

This completely shattered the event regarding NFT for several people. On the Twitter application, complaints by users are never ending.

On the other hand, many viewers made the most out of the advertisement. The gaming firm – Limit Break – was able to distribute NFTs for free to the masses who were fortunate enough.

These people are making a lot of money through the NFT, i.e. in relevance to the DigiDaigaku game.

They have been dealing on marketplaces with the continuation of the Super Bowl.

DigiDaigaku NFTs Fluctuate in Price; Second Wave Uncertain

OpenSea is a market for NFTs and cryptocurrency digital assets. As per their research, the NFTs for DigiDaigaku were dealt for more than 0.5 Ethereum, above $750.

This happened to occur following the whole incident. However, the cost has been witnessed to be fluctuating over the duration of the game.

On the market, people have witnessed the most inexpensive NFT decrease to approximately 0.32 Ethereum, which is an estimated $485.

Through OpenSea, the masses were able to observe this in the midst of the show. Although the ETH has increased to approximately 0.39 ETH, that is an estimated $585 currently.

Ever since the advertisement was shown, people have traded about 912 Ethereum, which is approximately more than $1.3 million.

Though, there exists confusion surrounding another wave of Dragon Eggs NFTs. This might as well be contributing to the market volatility.

Moreover, as per Leydon, individuals could be qualified for another chance to receive free of cost NFTs. This may be another misleading claim made by Leydon to lure people into acquiring more non-fungible tokens.

This can happen after signing up using the DigiDaigaku webpage or reposting one of Leydon’s posts on Twitter.

If the NFTs are included in the initial number or are included in the overall, i.e. 10k, remains to be unknown.

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