Cube Chain Released Its Web 3.0 Mainnet To Meet Market Demand

Cube Chain Launches Its Mainnet Platform

Cube Chain is a public cross-chain project designed on decentralized Blockchain technology. Just like other multi-chain projects like Polkadot, Cube Chain is designed to solve three common issues facing blockchain networks. The three common issues are decentralization, scalability, and security issues.

The advent of more use cases of blockchain technologies like the creation of DeFi, NFT, and GameFi warranted the need for decentralized multi-chains. They are needed to improve the performance of the networks and also strengthen their security systems.

Cube Chain intends to offer solutions to the three issues plaguing the crypto market. Currently, the project is gaining wild adoption since its testnet was released on the 25th of last month. Statistics showed that the project had registered more than 130K addresses and also recorded more than 1.7M transactions so far

The Mainnet Has Optimized Scalability and Security System

The multi-chain project is designed to enhance the functionality of the blockchain system by offering improved scalability, security, and optimized performances. Its execution engine is built on the ZK Validium Rollup solution.

The consensus model of Cuba Chain is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and Ethereum protocols. This helps it to use multiple nodes to create high performances. Cuba Chain also has a data storage layer that shards block data and samples validation protocol to improve the project’s storage capacity efficiency.

The processing and storage protocol are well managed, hence users don’t need external storage systems for NFT and Rollup apps. Additionally, Cube Chain’s created a protocol, Time Crossing, which is usable with Cosmos IBC protocol and also offers DeFi cross-chain contract calls.

One of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, Huobi Global, successfully listed Cube Chain’s token, CUBE, on its Primelist. The exchange lists tokens of high quality on its Primelist platform. Currently, users can purchase CUBE on the Primelist at a cheap price and sell it at higher prices once the mainnet has been launched.

Cube Chain CEO Commented On the Launch

The CEO of the Cube Chain project said that the release of their mainnet is a huge achievement for the project. He continued that they would remain dedicated and modest as they continue to improve the features of the project. 

He added that they intend to create an ecosystem with active and vibrant users and the whole team is excited by the turnout so far.. He ended by wishing the project would be graced with more assets, project development, and members in the nearest future.

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