Crypto Exchange Kraken has Listed Avalanche (AVAX)

The Avalanche blockchain seems to be doing well despite the latest cryptocurrency market crash. Its native token, $AVAX has recently gained a listing on Kraken. Kraken is among the largest cryptocurrency exchange operating out of San Francisco. The company has also shared plans for filing for a public listing in 2022.

It is worth noting that according to the on-chain data analysis, the trading volume for Avalanche has continued to improve as the coin skates steer through the crypto winter. During the listing announcement, Kraken declared that users would be able to trade $AVAX against USD and Euro.

The official Twitter account of Kraken has recently posted an update about the listing of $AVAX. The tweet also added a link for the official blog post on the Kraken website. Investors who are interested in trading $AVAX at the centralized exchange can gather important information from the new blog post.

At present, the Avalanche native token is available for listing at both Kraken Terminal and Kraken applications. It is also worth noting that futures, options, and Margin Trading for cryptocurrencies is not yet available in $AVAX. Kraken claims that the Avalanche blockchain is a way for the exchange to expand on the dApps front.

BitGo is a cryptocurrency custodial firm that has recently added support for Avalanche blockchain. With this new platform hosting, the $AVAX traders have an option to access Bitstamp and Bitbuy spaces without having to deploy any third-party contractors. Thus far, Avalanche has processed more than 40 million transaction blocks.

The blockchain is also hosting 1.4 million unique digital addresses. Around 70k contracts are using the network at press time. Bank of America told the media last week that it is going to add an Ethereum network as a potential Ethereum network alternative for DeFi and NFT projects.

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