Chainlink (LINK) Drops 2% Amidst Massive Bearishness – Price Analysis

  • Bears control LINK prices today.
  • Massive resistance stands at $9.1.
  • Chainlink’s support is $6.

Chainlink’s price analysis shows the alternative token following a massive bearish trend, exhibiting negative pressure and confirming downtrend tendencies within the LINK market. The alt has retained a bearish outlook within the last few hours.

Today saw the asset crashing to $6 from $6.5. Chainlink stretched the declines that plagued it since the latest market-wide slump emerged. While publishing this blog post, the 21st token changed hands at $6.19, dropping approximately 2% today. It boasts a $286,424,063 trading volume and a $3,027,265,358 market capitalization.

LINK-USD 4Hr Price Analysis – Recent Developments

Chainlink outlook shows the token’s volatility adhering to a closing movement. That means the token’s price is becoming less susceptible to actions to either bullish or bearish, indicating decreasing dynamics. $6.5 represents the upper Bollinger Band’s limit, showing a massive resistance for the alt.

Meanwhile, the BB lower limit is stable support for the alternative token at $6. The alt seems to sway below the Moving Average, displaying a bearish stance. Bears dominate the marketplace, and LINK-USD adhered to downside trends.

Moreover, the market looks broken, and that might catalyze a reversal. However, there’s some hope for LINK bulls. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) read 44, indicating a steady digital token. That shows LINK stands at the bottom neutral region.

Moreover, the Relative Strength Index moves downwards, confirming a plunging market. Dominance selling activities trigger dips in the RSI score.

1-Day Price Analysis

Chainlink’s one-day outlook shows increasing market volatility, confirming that LINK follows downtrends and prices becoming more susceptible to variable shifts to either extreme. The upper Bollinger band represents the alt’s massive resistance at $91.

Meanwhile, the BB’s lower limit stood at $5.4 – a crucial support for Chainlink. The 1-day RSI stood at 41, indicating a stable token. Moreover, the Relative Strength Index maintains a linear movement, meaning equal buying and selling activities.


LINK price shows the token exhibiting a massive downtrend. The alt seems primed for further dips. Also, market conditions follow a pessimistic approach. Thus, bears might showcase their presence in the upcoming session.

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