Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Allegedly Tried To Flee For Israel

According to a report, Mike Alfred allegedly revealed that Alex Mashinsky attempted to bolt away from the country. Alfred is a popular crypto enthusiast on Twitter, he posted the shocking news on his Twitter handle last week.

Celsius CEO Caught On The Run To Israel

For a few weeks now, the Celsius Network has been facing a serious financial crisis. The predicament is getting worse and many investors fear it might crash just like Terra Network.

However, investors’ fear has deepened since the shocking exposure of Mashinsky’s escape plan last week. Mike Alfred reportedly exposed the CEO’s plans via a streak of tweets.

In his tweets, he accounted for how Mashinsky tried to flee the country through Morristown Airport last week. He stated that the authority caught up with the CEO and foiled his escape attempt. 

He added that he is not sure if the accused is locked up or just forbidden from traveling abroad. He concluded by urging informants with more details on the matter to contact him.

As gathered from Alfred’s tweets, Mashinsky was heading for Israel. Most investors were shocked as the same CEO who promised that their fund was secured froze their account and tried to flee. 

Ever since the accusations surfaced, Mashinsky is yet to retort or make any comment. Also, there is no hint on when investors’ accounts would be unfrozen nor when withdrawals would be enabled again.

Alfred suggested that the FBI would have been in touch with the Celsius founder by now. He added that they would surely find a lot of things worthy of investigation in the case.

Goldman Sachs Rumored To Be Interested In Buying Celsius’s Assets

Goldman Sachs reportedly showed interest in buying Celsius network’s digital assets. According to the report, the giant Wall Streek Bank had prepared a sum of $2B for buying Celsius assets.

Nonetheless, the bank is yet to make any official comment on the news. Also, Arthur Hayes, the CEO of BitMEX suggested that the news is still a rumor until GS confirms it. 

In his tweets, he stated that it would be great news for everyone in the crypto space if the bailout rumor is true. He asserted that if GS should buy Celsius’ assets, withdrawals would be enabled and people would be refunded. 

This would generally spike up the bullish run and also increase investors’ confidence in the industry’s recovery capability. However, the giant bank has to confirm this and make a move in line with the rumor first, he concluded.

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