Cardano-Based Media Launchpad has Announced Initial Decentralized Token Offering

Flickto is a media Launchpad product that has recently combined the concept of ISPO (Initial Staking Pool Offering) and media funding with decentralized projects. Flickto plans to address the issue of content farming that highlights the top products on the Cardano ecosystem. The media platform also plans to promote content creators to solve the lack of information.

Flickto has partnered with for its IDO or Initial decentralized exchange offering. is a leading community launchpad operating on the Cardano network. By participating in the IDO, the investors will be able to access the FLICK token. A considerable amount of FLICK token distribution is going to allow Flickto to raise funds for its future projects and next phase development.

The Flickto project plans to allow independent content creators to highlight the top products and their utility, performance, and shortcomings with media projects. For the Flickto media launchpad to remain operational and run smoothly, it needs a blockchain host that can provide high transaction speed, low costs, and a bountiful resourced platform. Therefore, Flickto management has decided to leverage the Cardano network for their operations.

Furthermore, the popularity of ADA tokens around the globe is going to allow the media projects to reach a diversified audience. The Flickto project is planning to disseminate FLICK tokens among the ADA holders in return for staking rewards. After the initiation phase, the FLICK token is going to be listed on other exchanges and DEXs listed on Cardano that will increase its value and allow the investors to conduct third-party trading.

Assistant Director, Geriant Harvard Jones, and Academy award nominee-special effects expert Ben Morris has joined the Flickto platform to market the product among the masses. As reported by the Flickto management, the total supply of FLICK tokens is 5 billion coins and 40% is put up at ISPO. The 20% of the FLICK tokens are dedicated to sales on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms plus IDO.

Meanwhile, 15% is going to be locked in for treasury initiatives and liquidity options. Around 1500 thousand ADA tokens are already staked in the FLICK ISPO. Flickto is planning to host an NFT airdrop in the next year, in addition to a pre-token sale and beta launch of its retail apps and FLICK token.

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