Bentley Motors Partners With Polygon To Launch Its NFT Collection

Non Fungible Tokens, NFTs, continue to gain wild popularity across all industries around the globe, especially the automobile industry. The latest news report showed that Bentley Motors is set to start its maiden voyage into the NFT world by September.

Bentley Partnered With Polygon To Launch NFTs

According to a report, Bentley’s spokesman revealed the firm’s plan via their official Twitter handle. The tweet reflected Bentley’s strong belief in the ability of NFTs to transform it to the next level. 

Also, it showed that the firm hoped for the same outcome the art industry had when it ventured into NFT. The famous British luxury vehicle producer is set to launch its first NFT collection to mark its journey into the Web3 space. 

The tweet stated that the non-fungible token would be launched on the Polygon Network, an Ethereum layer2 solution. The detailed Twitter post added that the NFT collection would consist of 208 unique NFT pieces. 

The number is special because it correlates with the highest speed on the fastest Bentley car, the Continental GT Speed. In addition, Bentley Motors Limited also has 208 1952 R-Type Continental.

Bentley Wants Eco-friendly And Carbon Neutral NFTs

According to a news report, the deal entailed that Bentley would take charge of issuing the NFT collection. In addition, the motor brand would reward the collectors who buy any of the minted NFTs. 

The car firm did not quote any price for the NFTs. Interestingly, the luxury car brand announced its plans to use the profits from the sales to sponsor students. 

It stated that students who wished to study design, engineering, and manufacturing would all benefit from the gesture. Not only that, but it would also help to sustain industries, especially in the transportation space with funds from the sales.

The British luxury car brand is dedicated to building an ecosystem that is void of carbon by 2030. In line with its agenda, it decided to make its NFT collection eco-friendly and carbon-free. 

Hence, the car manufacturer partnered with the Polygon network. This is because Polygon is an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral Ethereum layer2 solution.

NFTs Are Becoming Popular Among Vehicle Firms

Bentley is now the second car brand firm to venture into the NFT space following Hyundai. Hyundai holds the record for the first luxury car brand to step foot into the NFT market.

In April, the brand announced its partnership with the Meta Kongz NFT project. The collaboration is a core part of the firm’s metaverse project named Hyundai’s Metamobility. The two partners planned to limit the collection of their Hyundai X Meta Kongz NFT to 30 pieces.

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