Leading blockchain education and innovation in Oregon.


Simple Mission

Oregon Blockchain’s mission is simple: provide a student-driven platform to support blockchain education and innovation in Oregon. 

With the recent move of Coinbase, establishment of R/GA’s Oregon Blockchain Venture Studio, and the announcement of blockchain programs being built at Portland State University and the University of Oregon, Oregon is rapidly expanding to be a hub for blockchain. As a student-led organization, we aim to create tangible connections between students and leaders in this growing eco-system. Through these connections, we hope to generate opportunities for students to learn, grow, and contribute to the community.

Ambitious Vision

We have an ambitious vision to have Oregon recognized as a central hub for blockchain. Leading with initiatives on our campus at the University of Oregon, we aim to…


Educate our local community on the potential impact of blockchain.


Empower students on our campus to be proactively involved in the blockchain eco-system.


Engage students in the local community for growth opportunities.


Elevate our community —  helping to establish Oregon as an epicenter for innovation.


“Education is the first step, then rocket’s off and sky’s the limit.”

JULIYEN DAVIS  |  founding member


A Short History

Oregon Blockchain started in April 2018 with a simple aim to bring students together to learn about blockchain. Six of us from the Lundquist College of Business received a lot of interest early on, and quickly organized an event with faculty, Dr. Stephen McKeon, to cover Blockchain 101. We subsequently invited the whole community to join us every week, diving into different industries and exploring the implications of blockchain within each.  To cap off Spring term, we received official sponsorship from the Ripple Foundation in support of our vision for the group, university, and local community.