21Shares Introduces New ETP Named The Crypto Winter Suite

21shares recently introduced crypto winter-targeted exchange-traded products (ETP). The new ETP was created to ease investors’ fears amidst the prevalent bearish market. 

The Crypto Winter Suite ETP

The crypto firm reportedly launched a unique ETP called the 21Shares Bitcoin Core ETP. It was specially created to enable investors to access Bitcoin at a cheaper cost amidst the current market sell-off.

Earlier today, the Bitcoin ETP, which was physically supported, was launched on the SIX Swiss trading platform. To reflect Bitcoin’s 21M market cap, the total expense ratio was set at 21 basis points. 

However, the firm reported that the ratio of CBTC settled at 44 basis points. Additionally, CBTC is an intrinsic part of 21Shares’ rally to ease the effect of the bearish market fear for investors.

The project was named the Crypto Winter Suite. It was created to offer suitable options for investors who wish to trade at times when the market is challenging. It does this by offering cheaper fees. 

The director of CBTC, Arthur Krause, stated that the ideal time to buy crypto is in a bearish market. However, he said investors are mostly reluctant to buy coins at this time. 

He added that the firm launched the CBTC to help investors to manage their portfolios in volatile periods. Kraus said the offering would lower the cost of acquiring BTC in such a market.

The Director continued that 21Shares had in the past offered various ETPs to ease investors’ fear during challenging markets. He stated that the firm had used the former ETPs to create numerous investment opportunities. 

However, the latest one was aimed at expanding those investment opportunities on products in the bearish market. Krause revealed that the CBTC would be a long-term product in the firm’s reach. 

He added that other products that would be launched under the Crypto Winter Suite would be permanent too. He continued that the firm wants to create an array of products that suit different market conditions. This would help their customers to position their portfolio in any market condition.

Many Firms Expect Bitcoin To Decline Further

According to a report, a lot of firms were looking forward to the decline of the crypto market this year. Some firms’ officials even suggested that the next bull run for Bitcoin would be during its 4th halving. 

According to their prediction, Bitcoin would not rise until 2024 or 2025. Earlier this month, the giant crypto, Bitcoin declined massively, touching $20K lows. 

That was the first time it would dip that low since it crossed that level in December 2020. Consequently, this has stirred up extreme negative sentiments in the market. 

While many firms are going through hard times because of the bears, some remain bullish. They maintained confidence in the ability of Bitcoin and the entire crypto market to rise again.

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